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“Let’s face it, life is always changing. If you think back to where you were 2 years ago, what’s changed?

For me, I’ve had my second daughter, I’ve changed job roles, my husbands job has changed, our household income has increased by around 50%, our outgoings have done the same, I’m no longer a smoker, I’ve been diagnosed with a chronic illness, our work place benefits have changed and our mortgage interest rate has increased by 3%.

So what does that mean for the Life insurance, Critical Illness Cover and Income Protection I arranged a few years back? It means that some of it is no longer fit for purpose. Some of it is still suitable and some of it needs amending to ensure that it still protects the things that matter most to me.

When you purchase a home, you work so hard to get that deposit together and get the mortgage you need so you want to make sure that it’s still yours no matter what happens. Once you’ve taken care of protecting it, it’s easy to get comfortable, life gets busier and you forget all about why you put the protection in place and how important it is. We often forget what the cover even includes!

As a responsible mortgage broker, we believe it’s extremely important to review your cover to make sure that…

  1. You know what your current policies protect you for
  2. The cover is still suitable for you
  3. The cover is still affordable and in line with a comfortable budget
  4. You’re aware of any additional benefits which may be included free of charge such as remote GP appointments, 2nd Medical opinions and Discounted Health MOT’s
  5. The cover is the most appropriate given your current health and lifestyle. For example, Non smokers can expect premiums roughly ½ the price of a smoker. If you’ve given up smoking for more than 12 months, you may be able to bring your premiums down significantly
  6. That the policies will pay to those you want to protect and that they’re as tax efficient as possible

If everything is okay with your protection, great – you won’t need to do a thing but if your protection needs work, I’m here to help you with this.

The things that matter to you, matter to us. Let us help you take care of them whatever life throws.”

If you wish to review your current protection products, or don’t currently have any in place please contact Cara on 01252 214044 or



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