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Thinking about what life would be like for your family if the worst were to ever happen is not a nice thought, but it’s important to protect yourself and loved ones financially. Unfortunately, no one is invincible and you never know what life can throw at you. There are a number of different life insurance products that could be available for you.

Think about the following should you pass away, would your family be able to:

  • Continue paying the mortgage?
  • Continue to work?
  • Cover any childcare costs?
  • Continue to pay household bills?

Life insurance is a product designed to pay a lump sum if you were to pass away, taking any financial burden that you may leave away from your loved ones.


What is decreasing cover?

Decreasing life insurance often is linked to a repayment mortgage. As your mortgage balance reduces, so does the amount of cover you have.

The provider will pay out in the event you pass away throughout the term of the cover, which can then clear your remaining mortgage balance.

What is level cover?

Level life insurance is paid in a cash lump sum, but unlike decreasing term life insurance it is a fixed lump sum throughout the term of your policy.

This type of cover is usually linked with interest only mortgages as the balance of the mortgage does not reduce throughout the term.

What is increasing cover?

Increasing life insurance works in the same way as the other products.

It will pay out a lump sum, however the amount of cover increases inline with inflation (Retail Price Index) to protect against rising house prices, living costs etc.

As the amount of cover increases, the monthly premiums will also increase. The insurer will contact you each year advising how much the increase is.

Are terminal illnesses covered?

Terminal illness cover is an optional extra with some policies which offers a lump sum cash payout should you be diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 12 months or less.

Having this benefit could increase your monthly premiums.

Who's this cover suitable for?

Life insurance is suitable for anyone who has a commitment  such as a mortgage.

This cover can be used to repay your mortgage balance in full leaving the property owned outright. This type of cover is usually taken by someone who would want to leave their family with no mortgage commitment.

How much will it cost?

As with all insurance products, the price of your monthly premiums depend on different variables such as general health, previous illnesses, smoking status, lifestyle, but also the level of cover you require.

Life insurance is often the cheapest protection product as you’re statistically less likely to die throughout the term than to develop a critical illness or be unable to work for instance.

We will run through a thorough budget planner to ensure you can comfortably afford your monthly premiums.

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